Bazaar bohemian inspiration2

Bazaar Bohemian inspiration1

One of the goddesses

The goal digger. She is not lucky, she is a pure badass.

La gitane. La belle gitane


She is very simple. Like quantum physics…


La créatrice. She is Loved. She believes in the universe. Nature loves her.

Stillness, calmness of mind and loving yourself above all

The health and self care nut, do not mess up her vibes

The go-getter, all of her vibes got her!

We will take it from here! Girl power for @SableMag



Jean Michel Basquiat editorial inspiration from Vogue Dutch

Portrait of Aurora James, fashion designer and activist

Portrait of Ruth Negga, actress

1st male illustration, wandering soul

Human emotions : Passion, inspiration from Fernando Gomez work

Human emotions: Martyr, inspiration from Rachel Marques editorial work

Human emotions, Moksha…

Portrait of Jenny Walton, fashion illustrator/creative director at the Sartolialist

The ideas of self care, stop apologizing for who you are

The ideas of self care, take time for yourself

The ideas of self care, love has no label

The ideas of self care, you’re more than a stereotype

The ideas of self care, don’t take yourself too seriously

The ideas of self care: Be who you want to be


The ideas of self care: Do what you want

Portrait of Christelle Yambayisa, french model

Portrait of Nina Iliza, philantropist