Year 2019

A series of illustrations realized throughout the year of 2019

She is walking through life, making it look easy… #itsnot

Exhibition for Maison Beaulier:  Illustration2

Exhibition for Maison Beaulier: Illustration1

Listen carefully; the breeze is the messenger…

Rosalie Gicanda, the last queen of Rwanda♥

Cancer season: crab girl

Moments before the shower…

The smokeshow

Keep watering your dreams, you will witness miracles. Muse: Onyi Moss

Red Earth

<I’m not here for your bs> mood

She is just an angel, still growing her wings

Its 1900 and she is an exotic dancer

Whats your dream job? Well, in my dreams, I don’t work…

Crazy in color

Tea time….

Let it hurt. Let it heal. Let it go…

La belle bergère

Blooming: “One day you will look back and realize that all along you were blooming” Morgan Harper Nichols

Intuition comes first always

Gros Michel…

Unusual flowers bloom in unusual ways

Its a slow process…



” Stay soft…” whispered her heart

Knowledge through self doubt

Now what?