Year 2018: Part 2

A series of illustrations throughout the year of 2018. Part 2

At peace with flowers


Gabrielle in Marrakesh

Laetitia with her thoughts

Serena with the birds of paradise


Breathe easily…

Frida Khalo… wannabe


Jeanine too cool to care…

For CollectiveRw

For CollectiveRw

For CollectiveRw


Laura. Listens to Mike Brant all day everyday…

Who else thinks too much?

Girl with sunhat

Lupita Nyong’0

Onyi Moss, fashion blogger and photographer

Another hat girl

Quiet girls

Quiet girls


Playful hat girl

A nap with flowers…

One of the goddesses

Angela, afro beauty

La divine


Les oiseaux lointains


Color study / CollectiveRw

Noblesse élegante

Elle observe le monde tourner autour d’elle sans en faire partie…

Explain the moon to those who’ve never seen it

Balance ton feminin masculin

Accept every blessing with grace and gratitude