I took several months off blogging. It is something that I had struggled with because I thought blogging defined me etcetera etcetera.
The truth is, I much needed the break, to think about the blog and the direction I wanted it to take.
I’m not just as balanced as I would love to and I couldn’t keep up with everything.
I’m just not the kind of person that can have perfectly manicured nails, while juggling an audit session and planning to host a dinner when she gets back home.
I act on my random energy spikes and that makes me more of a beautiful glorious mess passing through life.
I was starting to resent writing because I had a blog burn out and nothing excited me anymore.
I needed to find content that would make my fingers fly on the keyboard and at the same time feel soul, and not ego satisfied. Moreover, content that I would like to read.
Also, reading everywhere that blogging is dead doesn’t motivate you. But is accountancy dead? Is project management dead? Just needed to remind myself why I write this blog and ignite the passion again.
I realize that I love content that are positive, inclusive, empowering, honest and don’t take themselves too seriously. I guess that applies to their authors too. And that is what I will be bringing and sharing here every week.
So, thank you for sticking with your girl for another ride!


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