For the big part of the world, if I may say, October= falls=orange leaves=pumpkin spice latte=cute booties and trenches=beautiful pictures on Instagram (this one beats everything hehehe) and so on.

Well, October in Kigali (Rwanda) is pretty different but not less beautiful. Basically from May to end of September, it is summer (yes, we follow that rule). But this is like ‘’real, raw, hot summer’’.
The sun burns like a hot iron and I’m not kidding. 5min outside, you got yourself a permanent tan.
(But another paradoxical thing I’ve found, there are a lot of light skin people aka just African light skinned, not mixed (this is important to know!), who never tan!!!! Even mixed people tan, but for them, it’s just like nope! It’s a super strange thing I’ve come to realize!)
 The good thing about the summer  though, the air is dry and windy!
Which means that, even though your skin is burning, you are not suffocating and the breeze is cooling down your skin.  It’s like putting your arm in an oven and at the same time the fan is passing over hahahaha ( okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit guys.)

Unlike ‘’North America ‘’summer where, it is super-hot all day every day, Rwanda has specific hours where it feels like hell or heaven during the summer months. The sun rises around 5am and sets around 6:30pm. Heavenly hours are between 5am-10am and 6pm-whole night. Hell hours are between 11am-5pm, 1-3pm being the apocalyptic time .No joke!
This makes it really easy to know if someone loves you or not! Just ask them to come visit you during those terrible hours, hehehe.
So, during these months, everything is basically #DEAD unless you plan to water your plants every morning and evening. Even there, it is super hard for them to look fresh and green.

Now, wait for the bigger surprise (at least for myself)! It is between the end of September and the start of October, and the rain starts to purr like every morning and every night (hello sweet dreams) for like a whole week. It is so unbelievable, but suddenly the grass is greener in my garden, the flowers start to bloom shyly, the leaves are coming out, the trees are bourgeoning… In only 1 weeeeek!!!!!

Weather report october buds Weather report october flowers

I was like, what kind of rain is this? What kind of soil is this? People call rain ‘’a blessing’’ here and I was like, yeah, now I totally understand! This is also the perfect time for gardening.
The funny thing is that now, the summer ‘’hell’’ hours have kind of became the rain ’’hell’’ hours, plus the evening hours. The temperature suddenly drops, it gets slightly darker, the breeze becomes a strong wind and then it just purrs. The ‘’safe’’ hours are between 7am-11am with a chance of precipitation. 😉


It is a magic mix of fall and spring. One time is fall with the rain, the cold, the wind, the sweaters and the morning you wake up and there is this soft sun and the flowers have bloomed.
So basically, while my ‘’western’’ Instagram community sips lattes while the leaves fall, I’m doing the same, but mine flourishing ♥.

Christella Bijou


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