Who didn’t obsess over those off the shoulder top or dresses this summer? Who didn’t wear a choker this summer? I’m guilty I did!

And so it seems, a million girls did too! Pinterest and Instagram was filled with these gorgeous fashion bloggers and trendsetters, and next thing you know all the girls at a party are all wearing the same style lol !

There is a way about it, with the exposed neck and shoulders that make you feel so full of grace like a Russian ballerina!
Paired with a choker, it gives the right amount of bold and sexiness to a plain look.
But I had sworn to myself that I will never buy one since everyone was doing it. This is how I actually am. No matter how I was dying to buy one, I didn’t.
I was resisting temptation. And temptation came in the name of my sister, when she bought this gorgeous off the (well, no need to repeat it!) maxi dress! I think I wore it, two days in a row! (Yes, that was the level!!)
What I can say about that experience? I think it would be to beg now for the trend to stay in forever, like forever. Please????

PS: The drawing was inspired by the beautiful  Fashion_panic

Christella Bijou


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