BEAUTY STORY TIME: Eyebrow nightmare

I’ve been dreaming of having these quite heavy and untamed eyebrows for such a long time now.
You know, eyebrows à la Carine Roitfeld, Cara Delavigne, or even Frida Khalo!

Anything else but not these feathered, greyish and boring lines I have!
Heavy eyebrows look so wild and so cool, and I am also very wild and so cooool (this is how I see myself), so I don’t see any reason why I can’t have them!

After trying a myriad of eyebrows fillers and ending up looking like a real bad (and scary) painting, I do something stupid and shave off everything! I mean, going completely Brigitte baldo! Mostly this happens when my wild personality takes charge!
One long second, I look at myself in the mirror and realize with horror that I have to go to work the following day!
I can’t miss work because of my eyebrows! They take a whole month to grow! I can’t miss a whole month of work!
Luckily, I wear glasses. They take half the size of my face, and with any chance, I could wear them all the time and nobody would notice! But it doesn’t work either and I still have this dead haunting look.
So, Feverishly, I watch in a row all the YouTube videos I could find and decide to go with this Maybelline liner that I already had . You know what they say, maybe she is born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline!

Few hours early, I had concluded that I looked like this scary painting (remember?).  Left with no choice, I decide to erase that from memory and embrace the look.
But I still have a few worries on my mind though! Will I be able to reproduce the exact same look, every morning? Will I be able not to touch my face the whole time? I wear glasses for Christ ‘sake!
I decide I will have to wake up 30min before my usual time, and work the magic! And the magic actually worked!
The following day, Monday, I’m studying every tiny reaction from everybody I’m meeting! I’m expecting everyone to jump back or frown! But nothing happens! (Very polite people, I’m telling myself.)

Same thing at work, nobody says anything! I’m starting to think that maybe nothing really happened after all! So, I upper my self-confidence, until my friend Regine, comes to me and she is like: “Did you gain weight over the week end? Your face looks different!”  To which I reply with a desperate tone, my crazy adventure!
It took me a month! A whole month to grow my eyebrows back to the feathery shape they were before! After which time, they stopped growing! U know the theories about shaving body hair, where it grows back wild and free? Well, my eyebrows proved to be the ruling exception.
After that experience, I stopped touching them! I just ignore them!
In the end, they proved to be wilder than I thought!

How about you? Have you had a brow embarrassing moment? How do you tame them now?

Christella Bijou




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