I decided to write about this, as you may have guessed because: 1) I’m an introvert big time 2) to enlighten some extroverts out there that probably think being introvert is a mental health issue.

Before I begin with the struggles, let me bring a list of 12 TOP introverts celebs that may cheer up another introvert reading this (it did for me).

  • Steven Spielberg – Hollywood
  • Mark Zuckerberg -Facebook or just the owner of socialmediasphere
  • Al Gore -Top Politician/Climate change
  • JK Rowling – Harry Potter
  • Warren Buffett -Billionaire
  • Bill Gates -The Billionaire everybody knows
  • Hillary Clinton -Top Politician
  • Michael Jordan -The Michael Jordan!!
  • Meryl Streep -Hollywood
  • Steve Wozniak -Apple co-founder
  • Larry Page -Google co-founder
  • Albert Einstein -The Mastermind

Funny fact, my dad still can’t believe that Bill Gates is an introvert. He thought the guy was normal!!!

Of course, there are struggles that come from being an introvert in our society, but I honestly don’t think of it as a problem. There is power to achieve that goes perfectly with an introvert mind. It is just the way we are and that’s what makes us unique and that’s what pushes us to succeed. Honestly if Bill Gates had spent his free time socializing, he wouldn’t be the Bill Gates we know. So there you go!

  1. I CAME, I SAW, I LEFT EARLY! (Every social event)
  2. Needing to recharge after every social situation.
  3. People mistaking my thoughtful look for shyness or moodiness.
  4. People asking me: Why are you so quiet? (Like did I ask you why you talked that much? It’s Just RUDE!!)
  5. Acting differently around people not because I’m fake, but just because they give me different comfort zones.
  7. Daydreaming AF.
  8. Pretending to be bubbly and smiley when flirting so I won’t scare the guy away.
  9. Having more conversations/scenarios in my head than real life!
  10. Random visitors/conversations make me want to kill myself since I’m not mentally prepared to be ON.



2 Responses
  • Rose T.
    July 11, 2017

    LOL, too spot on with each! #1, 7 & 10 made laugh out loud the most. I just hope we all learn to be more open to all sorts of personality types and not misjudge the ones we don’t understand as well.

  • Christella Bijou
    July 13, 2017

    Rose,That’s my wish too!That we become kind and understanding to personalities types we don’t understand.
    Thank you for reading and again, I’m glad it also made you laugh. ♥♥♥

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