I’ve been reading since I can’t remember (Seriously, I can’t remember the exact age)!
I must have been around six, and that was also the time that I got my first glasses too (yes, I was your typical nerd)!

Considering that, the crazy thing is, narrowing my favorite books to five, was surprisingly not hard as I thought it would be! My beautiful brain has already forgotten most of them!
It didn’t bother me at all; I know they served well their purpose in those moments.
But I’m still excited to share my favorites so far (the ones that didn’t go away!) , and super happy to recommend them!
If you have already read some of them, I will be happy to hear your thoughts ♥


The story of Claudia Procula, mostly known in the bible as the wife of Pontius Pilate, warning him not to kill Jesus as she had had a premonitory dream about him!
The book takes us from her happy childhood as a ‘’gifted’’ child under the reign of Tiberius, to her romance with the ambitious Pilate; her passion for the gladiator Holtan,and all the other events that take her from an innocent and naïve teen to the strong woman that she later became.
Mary Magdalena, Jesus, Isis also make strong characters in the book.
This book is a masterpiece!


The love story between a female politician (Vaughn), and an attorney (Justin).
This is more than just pink scented romance book, as it also deals with some social issues.
Vaughn Hamilton is this late 30’s beautiful accomplished woman who has a close relationship with her dad, an important figure in D.C.
Although she is a grown ass woman (okay I said it!), her dad still plays a big and most times, unwanted part in all aspects of her life (I mean to say the dude was really controlling!).
In meeting and falling for Justin (Once married, but lost contact with his ex-wife and child, a long time ago), the relation asks her to go against the self-imposed and rigid principles of her private life, and her dad’s wishes.

The latter is not afraid of stepping boundaries, and so, Vaughn has to deal with that, plus her new love, her long-time career goals and the protection of a secret that could ruin her life.
I’ve read this book more than 50 times! (It’s called stalking on IG, obsession in psychology or just impossible in real life)


The story of a shepherd, Santiago, who goes on a quest of a treasure hidden under the pyramids, after a dream he had had. This could have been another adventure story, if it hadn’t been filled with such wisdom and truth! From the first page to the last one, it breathes life! Anyone can identify so easily with the young shepherd, as we all here after all, to seek for a treasure, the reason why exist, or personal legend as Paulo Coelho calls it!
Each step Santiago takes towards his dream, each victory, setback and wisdom gained, Paulo Coelho makes us blend into the character, and so when the book ends, we are breathing a new way of living!
This could be the bible in disguise. Super recommended.



 I couldn’t pick one book from Dan Brown. I’ve read all his books and felt it was kind of betrayal ,to pick a favorite!    If you have a curious and open mind about religion, symbols, secrets fraternities, and a desire to ‘’know’’, I suggest you start reading him NOW!



I think I first read the book when I was 9 or 10, and still have the book now 15 years later. This is story of Néfriti, a young princess who despite herself, has to take care of sacred rams in the Amon temple. A thing that she truly hates! She discovers later, that there is a conspiracy against the new cult of Aton, in which the first queen is also involved. And so the adventure begins… If you love comics and ancient Egypt, this one is very recommended!


Christella Bijou


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2 Responses
  • Antonio
    February 21, 2017

    Pilate’s wife was my first ever english book i read. it left me with great impressions.
    Je me souviens encore de l’histoire et de l’ humilité de cette femme. Encore merci de me l’avoir prêter.
    Go team LNDC of fervent readers. 🙂

  • christelle
    February 22, 2017

    Oh oui!!! Les livres qu’on se passait tout le temps 🙂 🙂
    J’en ai lu en masse thanks to you ♥♥

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