Basically, from what I have read and gathered, minimalism is a way of purging and throwing (giving) away, what you don’t need in order to focus on your needs.

Less is more in this kind of lifestyle and it has life changing benefits.

I embraced the minimalism trend fully, last year. I had moved into a smaller apartment, and it looked like the cavern of Ali Baba! This was not my idea of an ideal apartment. I decided to throw away (give/donate) what I really didn’t need, starting with my clothing. I had a job that started early in the morning, and deciding what to wear every morning was just ruining my schedule. I had a lot of clothes. Most of them, average and some that I didn’t wear at all! I had a lot of jewelries that I hadn’t worn in 3 years or more…

Simplicity was calling, and I wanted to respond! But by simplicity, I didn’t want to fade! That was my fear. I wanted to look simple and still stand out. Pinterest was my first rescuer. I dove deep into minimalism and Scandinavian lifestyle. It was everything I was dreaming of.  I didn’t do a sudden change (As my budget was ironically minimal), I went step by step, but with every pile of clothes dropped at the ‘’Armée du Salut’’ (French version for Salvation Army) I felt lighter. I fell in love with black and basics, and my morning routine improved dramatically.

I was more satisfied when shopping, which made me financially happy too! Basically, I was becoming somebody new. As my lifestyle grew simpler, my personality and desires grew bold and assertive. I guess it is the yin and the yang of the thing.
So, when I had to travel for a long time , I was able to fill my life in two suitcases, with no regrets. Everything I loved and needed, I had it!

Minimalism really improved my life and personality. It makes me feel light whenever I have to make a life changing decision, as I don’t have a lot of unnecessary things holding me down and I always feel ready for adventure…
Christella Bijou



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