Life purpose/Calling: Why you may already be on the right path!

So last year, I was playing (is this the right word, when you’re actually a grown up and talking over the phone), this game of “define yourself”, with a friend, in order to help us decipher our life purposes.
At first we were using basically our IG bio’s, like illustrator, artist, creative, designer, and we were both surprised of how many and’s we were adding to our own definitions: photographer and designer or illustrator and creative, and so on…
We had so many words that defined us, while we started with only wanting the shortest way possible to define ourselves!!
After some thinking, I was like, ok, how about human?? We both believe in other worlds, so she was like nah, we’re both aliens, so we ended agreeing upon “SOUL“!
And as Pierre de Chardin said (and repeated countless times by Oprah), we all are spiritual beings having a human experience! We may have different life experiences, but at the end of the day, we are souls, and it’s very limiting to just brand yourself as one thing, or one experience you’ve had, or are currently having!!
But what is my experience? What is my life purpose? What is the experience that I need to have here, that called my soul from a far, far away galaxy?
Prepare yourselves to dive deep (my happiest place on earth XD) into the existence of things, or life purpose!
I believe that being a dancer, a singer, an artist, or The- president, is never your life purpose! It’s what you do with that title, that’s going to become your life purpose eventually.
Not all writers have the same life purpose, despite them all being called “writers”! Same thing for artists, just because they all are labeled as artists, doesn’t mean they all here (Earth) for the same reason.
If your purpose is to “spread the light” and it is something you do every day, whether you are a secretary today and a writer tomorrow, your life purpose won’t change just because you switched profession.
Now, doesn’t this make you feel good? Cause it does for me hehe!  XD XD

I started drawing when I was like 5 maybe??? and so in my head, it was an unshakeable truth, that I was going to become an “artist” when I grow up. That will be my life purpose! Making Art till I die!
(Ok, also being an astronaut, since I was in love with planet Jupiter  seriously)!
But then my experience as an “artist being” was turning differently than what I had had in my head then! I wanted to be a lot of things, I didn’t just want to draw, and I also wanted to sing, write and so much more!! It is just hard to even explain that to yourself when you’re trying to put all the pieces together, cause that would mean you don’t have “a calling” but many, and I’ve never heard of such a thing before!
But then I met this woman, a psychic, we had a connection, and she told me what I was meant to be or become here on Earth(I can’t really put it out there, but it’s no big deal really)!
I had reasons to believe her cause she told me things that no one else knew, and even when I wanted to remain skeptic, my heart was like, stop fucking with your brain for once, and admit that she’s right!
Since I can’t share our detailed convo here, let me paraphrase, what I got from it and maybe it will help you! XD
Your life purpose is bigger than your profession, it’s the energy that you awaken around you, by dancing, singing, preaching, cooking, playing, caring…
It can be healing, inspiring, motivating… all those things that have a positive and lasting experience on people.
So, let’s just say, your life purpose is to “heal“! (You don’t know yet, we don’t know either, cause you aren’t born with a big sign on your forehead, that screams: “healing”!)
You enroll yourself in medicine, cause you’ve already felt the pull of that energy (from your heart) and you acted upon it! But later on, you decide to change paths and you become a writer, and you start to heal people now, by using words rather than injections! (Or just pills if you’re scared of syringes)
If I see you, I may say you’re super lost or confused, and that probably you don’t know where you’re heading! (I’ll never say that, never, don’t have that vocabulary, but surely someone will)!
You actually needn’t worry because the whole time, you’ve been accomplishing your Calling!
Isn’t that awesome?

So, I think for everyone beating themselves up that they haven’t already found their life purpose or Calling yet, to immediately stop that painful activity, and realize that if they are happy doing what they are doing NOW ( Happy as in HEART and SOUL happy, not the happy stoned or happy drunk), they don’t need to label themselves; they are already fulfilling their life purpose, no matter what changes tomorrow bring!
It is not a word, a title, or a label but a beautiful chain of experiences!

I hope this helped a lot of you! (By a lot I also mean one, cause who knows all the descendants to come?)

Christella Bijou

2 Responses
  • Joulice
    December 13, 2016

    I absolutely love this! Thank you sweetheart, somebody is feeling empowered now!!!

  • christelle
    December 13, 2016

    Thank you my Love, I really appreciate it! ♥♥♥

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