Real names were changed for privacy (And because I’m still sooo embarrassed about it)!

There is this fancy not so fancy fashion thing happening, and this girl right here is super excited to attend! I spotted a name among the designers and I happen to ‘’know’’ (the right word is ‘’have met’’) one of them.

I had met ‘’Xavier’’ few months before, during an internship, with my former boss (who is also a designer), and he was friendly and helpful, considering that I was a ‘nobody’, and that he really didn’t have to talk to me.
So, I enrolled ‘’Carrie’’ my good friend, and also explained that we really had to go, since ‘’Xavier’’ this superb designer, was also on the list, (and I secretly hoped to catch him before or after the show to re-introduce myself, ha!)
I put on this macro vintage dark romper (so short it looked like I was wearing only the top half), and these cute, grey (and cheap) loafers. That was my style, don’t judge!

Moments later, there came this cool, elegant-hippie; white haired man and sat next to us on the bench. He didn’t have no cell phone, no camera and really looked like he wanted to start a conversation.
After some time, it started to make me uncomfortable and I mentioned him to Carrie.
We figured out, he was one of those big city predators in disguise. Since we couldn’t switch places, we decided to plainly ignore the ‘’old man’’. I turned my back to him and kept talking with Carrie.
Shortly after, this tall and beautiful young woman came to him and gave him the best hug ever, talked, and left with him. I rolled my eyes and repeated to myself: Big old predator.

fashionistas lesson

During the show, I held my breath when ‘’Xavier’’ collection was introduced, and gushed over the clothes.
I completely missed a heartbeat when I saw him coming to the runway with his models.
It  was the same ‘’old man’’ that was sitting next to me! How was that possible? I had met Xavier, had talked to him!! He was then, a bright, young, nerdy awesome guy!  Horrified, I turned to ‘’Carrie’’ who couldn’t believe her eyes either. We shook our heads in disbelief and tried to laugh about it. Inside, I wanted the earth to open and swallow me. What was happening? The humiliation was a 100 above the sea level.

After the show ended, all I wanted was to rush outside and run for my dignity. But I saw him again in front of me, and suddenly I was walking like a turtle. He was relaxed, cool, in a total hippie mode. I thought about going to him and excusing for my rudeness, but couldn’t find the courage. I had learned my lesson.

Later on that night, after some heavy google search and stalking, I learned that the young designer  was actually his personal assistant; the one I had been so excited to meet.
I couldn’t believe how so easily I had fallen in to the prejudice trap, and how the universe had played things!
I so much wanted to see ‘’Xavier’’ at the show, well I saw him! And in the meantime, I got a beautiful lesson out of it…

Christella Bijou


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