This blog post is a collaboration with Akaliza Keza Gara.
She first wrote this awesome piece back in 2014 on her personal blog here.
I have to warn you, she is awesome!!
Apart from her talents as a blogger; a tech woman; she is also the founder of an animation studio and that’s not even her first company!!! ( A moment of silence while you digest all of this information).
In her article she described the four types of girls that live and breathe in KGL (Kigali).
I enjoyed reading all of her posts, mostly this one here, as I found it to be accurate and that I could easily put a face to every type of girl she described.
For this blog post, I decided to come out with a portrait for every type she described and of course, she provided the words.
Now, I have to precise this list is not exhaustive, Kigali is full of a thousand different categories of girls,  it is just that it would take years and years to finish writing about them…
Marie Claire is adorable. She’s 2o something but she has the voice of a 6 year old. The only make-up she wears is a bit of vaseline on her lips. She is very popular. When she walks through town she spends half the time waving and greeting people who see her – from the security guard at the nearby restaurant to the minister driving by in a the black 4×4. She’s so nice – Yo! She’s so sweet, that’s what people always say – and seems very trusting (although she isn’t as naive as many people think!). She volunteers with so many charities that many of her friends secretly wonder how (or if!) she makes a living since she doesn’t seem to have any paid work. She always appears to be in a good mood but every now and then she loses her temper and, and wow, that is a terrible sight to behold! This happens, for example, when only 5 people turn up at a church event meant to host 50 that she helped organise. These temper tantrums soon subside and she will act as if nothing ever happened… and so will her friends and colleagues if they know what’s good for them!


Kami didn’t grow up in here but she loves everything Rwandan… or at least everything African… or at the very least everything with a vague hint of African influence. After years of enjoying McBurgers abroad, she has substantial curves and if you ask her about it, she will slap her hip and say something about “African dignity”. She speaks Kinyarwanda with a twang but she speaks it proudly – it is her heritage. Yes, she will describe it as her heritage – she loves to talk about her heritage, or history, or pride or roots. She often thinks she was born in the wrong decade and wishes she had been around during the time of Nkrumah or Selassi or X. She has a job with the government writing press releases for foreign media where she sings Rwanda’s praises. She has an eclectic dress sense and manages to make an outfit that would look disastrous on anyone else just work somehow. For example, she might hang woven sisal earrings in her afro, wear a kitenga dress and then use a school uniform tie as a belt. Oh yeah – and her shoes are made out of recycled bottle caps. On anyone else the combination would look nonsensical, but on her, it looks elegant and charming.


Diana seems to have it all. She’s what people like to call, an independent woman. She has a good job in a big telecommunication company and she got a promoted again a few months ago. She saved up last year and bought a car – it’s small and old, but she takes good care of it. She wears beautiful suits and shoes that she buys from a friend that brings them in from the UK. She is a very hard worker – some would say a workaholic. In truth, she is quite bored of her job and often thinks of quitting and doing something different – it’s just that her sister, who she confides in, tells her not to give up the opportunity she has. She doesn’t give herself a lot of free time but, when she does, she likes to maximise it. The problem is her friends can’t afford to do all the fun activities she wants to do. She does know people who can afford it, like her colleagues, but she doesn’t get along with them – they are much older that her and sometimes she thinks they are jealous of her. Sometimes she feels trapped but she keeps telling herself she has a good life, so she keeps her head down and continues on with her usual routine.


Ella is hot. Yeah, I know you’re thinking of a hot girl right now – but trust me, Ella is even hotter than that. Too make things worse – or better, depending on your perspective – she wears dark eye liner and red lipstick and green skinny jeans. All of her female friends are just as hot as her with a few differences – for example, some of them wear yellow skinny jeans. Her male friends are very handsome and very fit and they tend to wear white trousers because they drive everywhere so they don’t need to worry about the dusty side streets of our fair city. Ella rarely speaks – unless it’s on the phone. She always look angry… or is it bored? No wait, actually, I think she’s in a daze. It’s hard to tell. Although she doesn’t have a particularly friendly nature, she got a job as a receptionist at a Kenyan firm. If you ever meet her you may often find yourself in transfixed by her angry / bored / dazed look. If you manage to break free, try saying something friendly or funny. To your surprise, she will smile and the cold exterior will melt. People expect her to be spoilt because of how beautiful she is, but in fact, life hasn’t been easy on her. If you take the time to get to know her, you will be amazed at the how much she has going on in that head of hers.

NOW, WHAT TYPE ARE YOU? (Or are you a silent rebel that don’t fit anywhere? that’s cool too!)


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