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I like to believe we all have these accounts on Instagram that make us dream and where being lost is a really good thing! They show our dreams as palpable reality and I love that I always feel inspired no matter what after checking them. My coup de Coeur are mostly women (nothing sexist but on a personal development level, it is easier for me to embrace a female role model than a male one), creative or bloggers and mostly risk takers.

: I’m French, live in LA & NY, I draw, I write, I’m the founder of & NY Times Best Selling author of #LoveStyleLife | @atelierdore

I won’t say much about her, I still don’t have the right words. Garance Doré changed my life!! Simple as that! I remember scrolling down the web and falling into her beautiful work few years ago! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like I had found my art twin. Her illustrations were like the big sis of my illustrations! Her lines, her minimalism aesthetic, the posture… I had never been that flabbergasted before! Everything I wanted she had it!
I said to myself: This! This is the woman I’ve been looking for! This is the woman I have to follow till forever!! Till now, she continues to be this super role model to me!


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I started watching Patricia’s YouTube videos back in 2012 when she was still a fresh new youtuber and at that time, I didn’t even know how the heck a video could end up on YouTube. She was so entertaining and I would just put her videos on and do my schoolwork with her voice in the background. Few years later, I found myself having a routine of coming home from work and cooking while watching her videos!! Cra-zz-y!!
If there is one thing that she taught me is that smart work, commitment and staying true to yourself does bring success!! I’ve witnessed her grow from a novice youtuber to a global sensation (I’m not exaggerating)!


@MOSSONYI: Photographer + Blogger + Author + Youtuber
Writer at 🕸 Taking pictures while wandering and drinking tea is the norm 💭☕️ 📍Manchester, UK 💌

Dedication and commitment! I used to rave about Onyi’s work waaay before we connected and realized she was one of the best things that could happen to me in my blogging life!
I love how she is open about her creative journey, how she emigrated from Nigeria to England and fought hard to become the woman she is now, and found herself and the love of her life.
I love how she is open about how she used to spend most of her evenings and spare time learning about photography and Photoshop to reach the level that she has now! I love how the results are sooo breathtaking, sooo beautiful and sooo inspiring! I love the fact that she now has an amazing YouTube channel and I love the fact that I get to see her grow each and every day into this super amazing creative and business savvy woman. Okaaay, you’ve probably guessed it by now! I just love her!!


 @PARISINFOURMONTHS: Photographer + Blogger
Moved from Sweden to Paris to follow my dreams 💙 Photographer based in Paris • Snapchat: “carin-olsson”

I was sold the moment I read her bio! I love to see a beautiful woman with guts!! So so inspiring!!
And then I scrolled/stalked her work and I knew that had to follow her. I feel that her work is so beautiful (anything related to her is beautiful hence the use of this word here more than my own name); checking her account feels like putting a soft healing balm to a wound. There are always flowers, macarons, beautiful shoes, pretty girls and pretty streets, all shoot with such an eye and beautiful angle.
It is not an overload of a Barbiesque pink pretty life, but a beautiful curated pink pretty life.
Whenever I feel the blues, I just dive into the beautiful street of Paris; macarons; luxury brands; beautiful escapes and so on…





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