My closet is this pile of dark clothes, with a hint of white, grey or blue. I call it the black widow or dark witch closet.

I wear black all seasons. I am not a ray of sunshine personality type and bright colors make me feel very self-conscious!
I am more of a dreamy and deep thinking type, and I feel like dark and neutral colors, help me stay grounded and balanced.

The same thing goes for busy patterns and stripes. The less there is, the better for me.
Oh, and I loooove blazers! Men’s cut are absolutely my favorite (The 90’s are among my favorite eras).
Skirts and dresses, how about them? I have like 1 or 2 dresses. I love them but it never occurs to me to buy them. My first instinct is always pants. Although I love the feeling of a breezy summer dress, I’m not a dress person.

I’m also an accessories junkie. I love accessorizing everything. An outfit without accessories looks naked to me. Unfortunately being allergic to metal (except gold ahem ahem), proves to be limiting many times.
And what about shoes? My first choice goes always to combat boots, loafers and oxford shoes. Sometimes because a girl has to wear high heels, I like to go with Mary Janes.

If I could summarize my style in 3 words, it would be:  make it clean, cool and confident…



Christella Bijou




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