First thing in the morning, I take a cup of warm green tea. Around 3 pm, I take another one. If ever I’m having a heavy super for dinner, I finish with it.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it can be very draining to some and the taste ain’t strawberry, but it is loaded with some serious health benefits. It has loads of antioxidants, lowers cancer risk and is (this was my first motivator) a big fat burner.

I started this ritual when I noticed a slight but ongoing fat gain during my vacation. I was coming from a place where I barely finished two toasts in the morning (busy hectic schedule) to a place where I was having fresh pressed orange juice, Nutella, fresh baguette and so on for breakfast.
Since vacation means for some of us lazy assing, I decided it was time to try some green tea instead of starving myself.
The first thing to know since I was taking fruit juice in the morning was not to take green tea in the same hour as it also inhibits nutriments absorption. I also came to realize that if I had had a light meal and I would take some, my body would not like it. I felt ‘’heavy’’ hungry and shaky, shortly afterwards.

So, I made a plan that super worked for me. I take my green tea in the morning before breakfast. If I’m really thirsty, I’ll drink a cup of water before. Shortly after, I’ll have my breakfast with no beverage. This means no coffee, no juice, and no milk. I wait up to 2 hours, to take some juice or milk.
I also introduced it to my cravings routine. Instead of chips, pizza and soda, I replace soda with green tea. I don’t mind if it sucks all the nutriments in the chips, we all know that’s not what I bought it for.

Green tea cup2

The beautiful thing is that now I have an excuse to eat all the fat food I crave for and finish everything with green tea. The other beautiful thing is that I’m not gaining weight either. I’ve weighed myself and find that I’ve lost so far 6 lbs in 3 weeks. I might say, though, I’ll have to verify this before getting ahead of myself. I want to be sure that it’s also not a combination of many factors.

That being said, if you would like to introduce green tea to your daily routine, I would recommend it! Just get yourself a good quality one, with no other mix.  For me, since I’m in Kigali, I’m sipping a local favorite: Rwanda Mountain Tea
How about you? Is there any tea ritual you have fallen in love with?

Christella Bijou


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