GIRL UNINTERRUPTED : Meet the so much more Carine

Today’s post is about Carine. She is a software engineer, an artist, a traveler and so much more…
She’s been bitten by the traveler bug, and spends most of her weekends, long weekends, and holidays, on a train or plane.

Last year, she even took a sabbatical year, dedicated to traveling and discovering. And yes, she was living her own EPL (Eat Pray Love) story. She shares her passion on instagram as and mkcarine.travels

With such a super amazing woman like that in my inner circle (she is my big sis LOL), I couldn’t wait to have a proper interview with her, and so she can share her advice and inspiration here. Since she was traveling, the interview was conducted via email. HAHAH!

What is your nationality?
World citizen! (Ok…Rwandese-Canadian)

What inspired you to travel?
I want to see and understand how other people live, their values, their culture, their food… I want to see other places, landscapes, architecture… Guess I’m just too curious lol

How do you find balance between your job, traveling and your art?
I wish I had that balance… I found that it’s hard for me to have ‘’art time’’ when I’m working and it’s not a matter of time per se: I’m just not in the mood! (On the other hand, my sketchbook and pencils are the 1st thing in my cabin luggage lol )

How many places have you been to so far?
*Places I’ve lived:

Kigali(Rwanda), Ottawa(Canada),Montréal(Canada),Sydney (Australia) and Nantes(France)
*Places  I’ve visited:
Canada( Ottawa, Toronto area, Montréal, Quebec city , Calgary, Sherbrooke and Trois rivières)
( Boston & Manchester… and nope, no NY and nope, don’t feel interested in going lol )
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, New castle, Brisbane, Byron bay, Gold cost and Cairns)
France( Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux and Marseille)
Holland (Amsterdam area)
Portugal( Lisbon)

Do you prefer solo or traveling with someone else?
Both… Don’t really have a preference

Backpacking or hotels?
Hostels/airbnb if traveling solo (best way to meet people and mingle with others),hotels otherwise

What has been the most interesting experience so far?
Australia: It’s funny how everything is ‘’upside down’’ there lol… driving on the other side of the road, having winter in July and summer in December…

So, North America, Europe or Australia, which is your favorite place?
Don’t have a favorite…actually, my favorite place would be a place where I can have all the great things I had in each of those places lol

What was the most challenging thing you’ve ever done in your traveling experience?
Going toward the other (a skill one have to master when traveling solo)

What is the best piece of advice did you receive and which one would you give to aspiring travelers?
Find your tribe (the travelers tribe lol) and gather all information you can about traveling solo (if this is what you want to do), about the place you want to visit, which is easy with all the blogs and websites out there.
Thank you Carine ♥

Christella bijou


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