Dear God, please give me more money or take away my expensive taste!!!
Seriously! Is it a gift or a curse, when your hands always lift the most expensive item on the rack? And no matter how big the word SALE 75% is plastered all over the shop; your eyes can’t stop eyeing that super creamy white leather blazer that will never be on sale? (Well, because you asked and the shop girl looked at you as if it was the dumbest question ever  🙁 !) Or whenever they say cookie, you hear macaroon? And you always pronounce it in French, no matter where you are? (Not because you are posh, but just because well, you always associate macarons with Paris right?) And also, because they are kinda expensive for every day, you try to make them yourself and fail miserably because you can’t even cook!!??

So, yeah, you try to ‘’rehab’’ yourself, because unless you take a second job, you don’t know how you can afford all your needs, and you try vintage stores… Only, only to find again that your gift has followed you, and it doesn’t matter that it’s a vintage store, your hand, picked these embroidered 80$ jeans, and it’s only your first pick??? Huh??? Heeeelllp!

But you don’t stop, no, you won’t fail, you try those ‘’vide-dressing’’ events where the super fashion bloggers sell their outfits (that most of them didn’t buy anyways 🙂 hahaha ) for much much less, and it doesn’t matter that you arrive late because you couldn’t find the location, the only items left, and obviously the ones that you also fall in love with, are still expensive!!??? Heellllp!!!

But then after all fails, you try a super technique of busting sales before anyone else does, and in the meantime, you learn one thing or two! One, you don’t have the patience to wait a month for boots to go down, while you can use some magic combination of credit card and noodles for a month, and buy it right away! Two, you can’t afford a LV (Louis Vuitton) travel bag, even if it’s for sale. But you will always pass at the store every day, just to pretend it is part of your life!Heeelp!!

You don’t know what to do anymore, so you talk to the most practical friend that you have, the one that gets paid double, and who surprisingly never pays full price anything in her life, and this is her very calm and practical response: < – What does a 20 something girl wants to do with an authentic leather jacket? Even if she was rich? >
Before she has even finished, your eyes are as big as snowballs, and honestly, there is no practical answer to that, expect for : <Hmm, because she wants?? Can???> To which, your friend rolls her eyes and ask you to softly get off your high horse.

And lastly, when you realize that you can’t do anything about it, when you fully embrace your gift, you call your best friend that bears the same heavy gift, buy some macarons and coffee, do some luxury window shopping, sit down, and make plans for the future!!!
May the biggest and scariest dream wins!!!

PS: The use of the ‘You’ pronoun was only to avoid the use of the ‘I’ pronoun.


Christella Bijou

2 Responses
  • samanthami
    January 25, 2017

    “…buy some macarons and coffee, do some luxury window shopping, sit down, and make plans for the future!!!”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’ve killed me!

  • christelle
    January 26, 2017

    Girrl, that’s how it’s done 😂 😂 😂

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