Books I’ve been reading

  1. La sagesse du moine by Ajahn Brahm

    This is a collection of a 108 wisdom tales from a monk (British-Australian) that touch every part of the human experience from forgiveness; suffering; compassion; happiness…
    I love this book as every story is very relatable and helps us confront every difficulty or obstacle with wisdom and grace and shapes us into better humans. I greatly enjoy how the monk has a really incredible sense of humor in the way he tells each story. Who knew monks had humor?


  1. The saint, the surfer and the CEO by Robin Sharma

    This book is as if the Alchemist and the Secret had a baby. It tells the story of Jack Valentine, a successful ad guy who after surviving a deadly car accident is given an opportunity to travel to 3 different destinations where a master will be waiting for him to help him live a happier, healthier and more beautiful life. These masters are not mages in capes and pointed hats, but regular human beings who have achieved through their life experiences great wisdom about the universe. It is very practical and each lesson is thoroughly explained and deepened thanks to Jack Valentine who is very relatable and ask all the needed questions for us. One of my favorite parts is that there is no such thing as self-improvement but self-revelation as we were all born ‘’perfect’’ and lost our ways and the journey we make is not to improve ourselves but renew with who we were before we get messier. It’s a journey back home.


  1. Eat-Pray-Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

    I’ve read a 100 times this memoir. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author is my modern day shero.
    In her previous life, Liz had every ingredient  (a man; a house and a successful career) to the recipe of a ‘’happy’’ and ‘’fulfilling’’ life, but all she felt was panic and confusion.
    Following a divorce and a crushing depression, she set out a journey of self-discovery through Italy, India and Indonesia. Few people have the balls she has. She continues to inspire me till this day. Reading this book today knowing all that happened afterwards in her life makes me appreciate it more. I’ve never ‘’met’’ someone so authentic, so brave and so kind. Eat pray and Love is that gift that keeps on giving. I’ve learned that there is so much power and infinite miracles in being brave and wanting to share your story to help the next person.


2 Responses
  • Nadine
    April 5, 2018

    I’ve been told that “La sagesse du moine” was a good motivational book, I didn’t buy yet, but is in my wish list 🙂

  • Christella Bijou
    April 9, 2018

    You won’t regret it!! It is definitely worth your time!
    Thank you 🙂

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