I’ve read every book written by Dan Brown since the infamous Da Vinci Code. He is also among my top five best authors ever, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his last work.
Origin takes Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology to the ultramodern Guggenheim ( Like I could pronounce that without the help of Google) Museum Bilbao to attend a major announcement that will change the face of science forever and answer two of the most fundamental questions of human existence. The origin of life and the purpose of life.
The announcement was to be made by Edmond Kirsch, a 40yr old futuristic tech billionaire but he is murdered in a meticulously orchestrated assassination before he announced his discovery and then the adventure is ON.
The most important thing that I love about Dan Brown’s work is that I always learn with his books.
Da Vinci Code was full of insights, my brain was having a party. The lost symbol, my favorite one, made such an impact on me with Washington DC’s architecture and the secret meaning behind every major landmark.
Few of the things that I learned with this one that I didn’t know before:
In the 8th century, Baghdad was the greatest learning center on earth welcoming all religions, philosophies and sciences with universities and libraries.
2/3 of the stars in the sky have Arabs names because they were discovered by Arabs astronomers.
The catholic church has a worldwide rival cult with an anti pope dedicated to undermine the reforms of Pope Francis.
Seriously, Dan Brown is the best.



Garance Dore is the reason why I chose to pursue illustration as a serious and professional endeavor.
I discovered her illustrations then her blog back in 2015, and it hit me like a pang! I had to go back to my childhood dream and get serious about it. Everything about her spoke to me so she easily became one of my role models and reading her book was very personal to me.
In LOVE STYLE LIFE she talks about her life and how she got around to become one of the most celebrated illustrator and blogger/photographer of this generation. She gives advice, is real, honest, humble and funny and most of all shows that nothing in life is a straight line. She might seem to have it all at now 40, but in her twenties it was encore a puzzle and she is open about her struggles.
Reading the book was a little bit like reading a letter from a mentor except this mentor has a really good sense of humor and style.



I picked this book because I was really curious about Gabrielle Union. I obviously love her as an actress and I adore stalking her Instagram plus I love her smile. I know that the brightest smiles hide the deepest scars but I was not ready!! She was open, vulnerable, honest but mostly I loved her opening:
I dedicate this book to those who have been humiliated and wanted to hide

away forever. To those who have been broken and superglue wasn’t enough to

help. To those who have felt frozen in fear and shame. To those who have kept

smiling as their throats were closing up. To those who thought they had all the

answers but realized they were sorely ignorant. I see you. I gotchu. And to my

parents, who I never understood until I became an adult who followed her

heart . . . I’m sorry and I love you. I get it now.”


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