PS: This post is dedicated to two special friends, Rose and Nina, as it would have never happened without them…


It’s ok not to drink and it’s ok to drink too!

After 3 years of being alcohol free (read it here), I decided to go back to it.
To drinking. In moderation. To stop. When I feel that it’s too much.

I decided to change my story with alcohol. Instead of it, being something that brings memories that I want to forget, I want it to bring memories that I want to keep.

Company is important. I’m trying not to drink too much in new/awkward situations… That’s where it all goes to hell…
I don’t have bar friends. I have friends.

I chose the comeback on a special night, while celebrating friendship!
After 3 years, the first tequila shot sent me to Mexico right away!
My body was like WTF is happening? Emergency: Everything in slow mode!! Repeat: Everything in slow mode!! Now let’s give the arms and legs a brain on their own and see how she’s going to walk!!
And I’m not even exaggerating!!

1 week later (who am I kidding, 1day later) I’m still engulfing healthy doses of alcohol.
At the bar, I’m slowly paying attention to the drink menu now like a well-intentioned schoolgirl. My creative side gets a little bit happier with all the possibility that comes with cocktails; but waiiit, Blow job cocktail!! I close the menu…

A day turns into a week; I’m still on a marathon, excited about my new found routine.
I keep telling myself, as long as I don’t get drunk, everything is still legal!!
My drinking routine is slowly starting to replace my water routine!
Note to self: Chill girl, alcohol is not going anywhere…

2 months from then, I’ve chilled and found a balance. The excitement has worn down.
I’m back to being old boring me, one glass for a whole night (If I do remember that I have one…). I’m slowly realizing that the whole thing is all about balance, and that my balance is totally different from everyone else’s.  Balance could mean 0 glass, 3 glasses, 10 glasses of whatever the universe is offering, you just have to know thyself…

Special thanks to:
Everyone who emitted no judgement whenever I refused a drink (you’re my people)
Everyone who encouraged me on the no alcohol journey
Everyone who emitted judgement whenever I refused a drink (now I know who you really are)
Everyone who travelled with me to Mexico in 3 secs at the bar
For Bryan Stevenson for being a strong inspiration throughout the whole journey



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