30ish random and not so serious things about me

  1. I’m crazy about chocolate bars with big almond nuts inside. I could walk like a penguin for those!
  2. I’m an old soul.
  3. I love languages. My dream would be to speak every language known to mankind and beyond. Right now, I’m struggling with German and Italian.
  4. I’m kind of a germ freak. Always with a sanitizer! Everywhere from hands; doorknobs, to book covers!
  5. I love listening to fantasy, Celtic and Druid songs. Always an upbeat Celtic song to lift my mood when I’m low. You can listen to my favorite mix here
  6. I hate maths and numbers. My brain talks in flowers.
  7. I don’t drink alcohol. Read it here
  8. I’m very attracted to ‘’weirdos’’. The cool ones.
  9. Mad believer in the pu**y/female power.
  10. I like both men’s and women’s fashion.
  11. I’m a sleep talker and a sleepwalker. Late night shows, every night in my bed.
  12. I look shy/snob with new people. I am shy or snob with new people. Can’t control it.
  13. I can’t stand people who judge and criticise all the time. You can judge once, not twice with me.
  14. I have a huuuuuuuuuge fascination with Dalida. Big as the universe. I also love love Garance Doré. They are my faves.
  15. I listen to every music, but old ones will always steal my heart.
  16. I absolutely love books. I once made a big decision to stay and live in a city because of its huge library!#Montreal
  17. Lipstick. Always.
  18. I love travelling. With money!! No backpacking for this fancy soul.
  19. I have a beautiful voice (Yo, I got people to prove it!) But then I get really shy after like 60secs.
  20. I love tats. Everywhere.
  21. I can’t read or text in a moving vehicle. My heart suddenly jumps in my mouth.
  22. I have more than 10 unfinished novels to date. I hope to finish them before I die. If it is tomorrow, alas, I’m doomed 🙁
  23. Strongly attracted to witches and withcraft.Even though spells sound gibberish to me.
  24. I’m fascinated by kids. A lot. But I don’t plan on giving birth.
  25. A gentleman always wins.
  26. I buy short skirts for when I want people pulling/pushing doors for me.
  27. Rudeness is a big no no no!
  28. I’m super super sensitive to acts of injustice or poverty. I guess the life of every lightworker.
  29. I like to say blah blah, whenever I’m talking. I talk fast, so it slows me down.
  30. Harry Potter series. Always.
  31. Very impulsive
  32. I like to read Vogue or Porter when I’m broke. The sweet illusion of luxury.
  33. Ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece, Atlántida always fascinated me.
  34. Casser la voix from Patrick Bruel and Enjoy the silence from Depeche mode are my all-time favorite songs.



I hope you enjoyed reading and knowing me more!



Christella Bijou



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