Why you should start gratitude journaling

It is no secret that the art of being grateful/thankful in life is the antidote for worry and stress.
Just try it now and thank me later…

I deeply believe in the power of gratitude. I believe that expressing gratitude for every day’s little joys, does lead to a better and happier life.
As I’m not an expert of realizing on the coup that I have to be grateful, journaling those moments is a form of exercising and training my mind to always be alert for all the positive things happening in my life.
I prefer keeping a hard copy journal as I’m naturally attracted to hand writing. There are absolutely no rules to the writing; sometimes I write a bible and other times I just scribble down a word. But there has to be a date all the time.
It helps me at the end of the day to unwind and put me in a good mood, especially on those really bad bad days where negativity tastes good on you!
It also is a very happy moment at the end of a year to sit down and reread everything I wrote for the passing year.
It doesn’t have to be something serious and formal for you to write. It can be as serious as being grateful for getting a degree as it can be as funny as being grateful for drinking alcohol (with friends) at a public place (‘twas prohibited) and to avoid the fines with a smile and a white lie. (PS: I know I wrote that but I can assure you it happened only once.)

Gratitude journaling also helps to remember those little goals that you’ve set, those wishes that you prayed for and which become reality! It is easy to forget sometimes that we have all the things we once prayed for, and we forget that once we start to take things for granted, that’s the moment they decide to take the back door. Everything you think of is an invitation for more of the same! If you are always being grateful, life rewards you with more things to be grateful for.

Gratitude journaling also reminds me to never keep grudges about people and relationships. More often I will write being grateful for the presence of a friend which sometimes at the end of the year, wouldn’t be in my life anymore. It reminds me that at some point in my life I was grateful for having that person or situation.
It also has taught me that everything is a matter of perspective. The things you are grateful for today might be the things that cause you pain the morrow.  That’s why we have to take each day as it comes and look forward the future as a new day.

You’ll be amazed if you start journaling on how actually the happiest moments that touch deep in your heart are not those fiercely big fireworks like moments but the tiny hushed ones like waking up to the sounds of birds, smelling flowers, hugging someone…
The more you mind start to acknowledge those moments, the more you realize how actually blessed you are; the more you’ll find that your life is pas mal, pas mal du tout….



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