The other day, I run out of deodorant. It happens. And the paranoia that follows that moment of realization happened too.

I started freaking out a little bit and hopped that I won’t have to hug anyone for the day. Luckily my mom was around, and I asked her if I could borrow hers. (Yes, that was the level!)
Of course, I could. But she also added that she’s read somewhere that lemon was actually a good deodorant replacement.

So, I decided to give it a try and cut a slice of lemon and applied it carefully. I had some juice rolling down my arm, so I’ll suggest not doing this when wearing something nice.
I spent my day as I had planned and didn’t run into someone for a hug (I was still not 100% confident about it) and checking from time to time my armpit. HAHAHAH!

And guess what? It really worked. It is summer and yes, I was sweating a little bit but it was completely odorless. I tried it the following day and weeks (I always go deep into things) and it still worked.

I didn’t ditch my deodorant for all that, I still have it, but whenever I know that I’m going to have a quiet day, I use lemon and apply perfume as usual.

You’re welcome guys !

Christella Bijou


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