Old News for you. Not everyone is going to like you. No matter how you pull off your best behavior and smile, you won’t win everybody’s heart. There will always be someone to say: “ I don’t know, I just don’t like her! » or even worse: « I hate her! »
And that is perfectly okay in case you didn’t know. No matter how you think roses and rainbows are beautiful, there are people who will never see it the same way.
That is preference. Everyone has their own preferences as you probably do too and if they prefer you to someone else, just check your ego a little bit, otherwise everything is fine.

Matters get worse when you realize that actually a person just doesn’t like you, but hate you. It happens sometimes, without a tangible cause. A person just hates your guts. It gets way worse when it is someone that you have to face every day, like a coworker for example.
I did have a colleague that hated me so much, she vowed to get me fired. I later learned that I took all the attention from her and she couldn’t bear it. She did try on numerous times, but then turned out that the people who got the stamp called it completely BS.

That experience thought me that not only I was not everyone’s cup of tea but that actually I could be really hated even if I’m nice to everyone. It was a wakeup call to be myself and ride with those who love me fiercely instead of trying too hard and waste my energy on people who will never like me.
Its not easy to find out that someone actually hates you, but let them hate you. Redirect your energy and love on people that deserve it.
Not everyone will love you and that is okay…


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