MINIMALISTS TYPES (which one am I)

I was soo glad to discover that there are different types of minimalist. I no longer call myself a minimalist but rather a minimal-ish as I discovered that I have a long way to go with a lot of things to learn.
I don’t necessary want to live in a quasi-empty house with only green plants in white pots as companions and a single clean-cut designed chair for furniture; but I do aspire to lead nevertheless a mindful, free and simplified live. So where do I stand? I did a research all over the internet (who am I kidding? Who has time for that? Honestly, it was Pinterest that saved my life) and these are the types that I did found on minimalists:

  1. The Essentialist

She owns few things, but things that last. She lives with the minimum; the necessary; the essentials. Her lifestyle is focused on quality and not quantity.

  1. The Nomad

He lives out of his backpack. He lives his life with only what he can carry with him. He invests his life in collecting memories/experiences rather than things.

  1. The Eco minimalist

She is conscious about her impact on the environment. Her life is all about less consumption and sustainable products. She is very mindful about what she spends her money on and its effect on the planet. She is always reusing and recycling.

  1. The Frugal minimalist

He is concerned with saving money and rarely spends it. He isn’t worried about the latest trends and products, therefore rarely accumulates anything. He lives this lifestyle by choice not depending on circumstances.

  1. The Aesthetic minimalist

She aims for a clear and clutter-free space. She revolves around neutrals and clean designs.
She may not necessary want to reduce her possessions but does keep them wisely and out of sight. She finds peace in a beautiful; well kept; tidy space.

  1. The Spiritual minimalist

He aims to keep his mental and spiritual clutter to a minimum. He practices very often quiet, listening and mindfulness meditation. He cherishes the stillness of the soul.

I find myself falling between the aesthetic and eco-minimalist. I aspire to become more of a spiritual minimalist too. Seriously my mind feels like a beehive most of days.
Having said that, I’m very aware that minimalism looks different for everyone and that we shouldn’t try to label people; but what matters is that you intentionally want to design a simpler life to make room for a more mindfully life…





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