Fewer people are rarely alone and bored as introverts. We praise and protect our solitude like a gold mine. When you are an extrovert however, it is another story. Solitude is like this big monster that you have to constantly run away from. But as sometimes introverts are pushed into the crowd, extroverts can be pushed into solitude too and it is both disorienting.
These are great tips on how you can maximize your time alone and fight apathy and boredom.

1. Reorganize your room/house
2. Watch documentaries on aliens; artificial intelligence; the golden ration; the number pi… they will keep you hyped and focused
3. Binge watch Ellen Degeneres videos and thank me later for the positive energy.
4. Finally read that book
5. Cook a fancy meal for yourself or your family
6. Sign up and start learning a new language on duolingo app.
7. Write a blog post that you’ve been postponing
8. Do some gardening
9. Meditate and/or exercise
10. Do your hair/nails
11. DIY something easy that you wanted to spend money on
12. Take your dog for a walk
13. Start a creative task like journaling
14. Offer your help to someone you know that needs it
15. or just take a nap


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