I’m a big adept of the “minimalism lifestyle” (read it here ), which gradually led me to adopt and enjoy simplicity and the joys of simple living. Getting rid of the excess in life, helps to live a more conscious and purposeful life. Our lives revolve around so many things; too much stuff; too many people, too many busy moments, that we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore and the values that make us who we are.
We live like robots, living our life a certain way; buying things we really don’t need; doing everything we don’t want to, just to fit somewhere, which leads to a perpetual exhaustion and unhappiness state.
(I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this song before)!
If you need to de-saturate your life, strip down all those fake (protective) layers, in order to reach the essentials values that make you, the person  you’re supposed to be, keep reading (I promise I won’t be long)!



If your phone gallery is full, this is for you! You don’t need to buy more space on iCloud or wherever; you just need to free some! Delete all those screenshots, quotes and selfies that you no longer need. Contacts you haven’t talked to in 3 years (In case you hesitate, 3 years is 1095 days!!!!), shouldn’t be in your contact list, unless they are potential business partners!
Unfollow/Unfriend accounts that just don’t do it for you! Social media doesn’t have a police, so you’re good! You should follow accounts that align with your life vision, that motivate and inspire you, since we all are becoming enslaved to our phones!


Too much stuff in your space cloud your reflexes and decision making. Try to resolve a problem in a space full of stuff; then try the same thing in a quasi-empty space. If you feel the easiest method is the second one, keep reading!
There is this famous de-cluttering mode, the KonMari method, where you have to hold an item in your hand and asks yourself if it sparks joy in you. Just feel the emotion that it brings to you! If the emotion is positive, you keep it, if it is not (like an ordinary outfit than turned into a break up ootd), you throw away/donate. Depending on how many things you own, this can be a time consuming method, but it still is very interesting.
What I like to do, is, each time I buy something new, something else has to go! That way, I avoid having too much stuff and idle energy. My space needs to be breathable and Zen.

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Shopping spasms are definitely not healthy, since after they’ve passed, we tend to feel miserable!
I feel like social media, especially IG, got us all in the trap with the forever #ad hashtag! Just because our favorite blogger ‘’loves’’ it, doesn’t mean we have to have it! Buying things just so they end up in the back of your closet is really not a smart choice.
Acquiring piles and piles of stuff slowly turn your place into a sort of museum! In my personal opinion, museums are the least likely places for growth to happen!



Do you ever finish a plate, and afterwards realize that you really haven’t tasted it? You just vacuumed everything into your mouth? Do you remember how you feel afterwards? Not good right?
I think most of us go through our daily lives, doing the same thing! Mindfulness is equal to those days where you just take a bite, savor it and then feeling like you are in sync with every nutriment!
Try to be present; consciously realizing whatever it is you are doing. If you’re walking, acknowledge every step you take, if you are washing the dishes, take a moment to stop the autopilot in you, and acknowledge the moment. This will help you to know and understand yourself (body mind soul) more, become aware of your daily choices, hence achieving anything you want beyond what you could have planned.


I believe in intuitive eating. This means literally listening to your gut! You’re not on a special diet, you just eat whatever ‘’feels’’ good for you. You have to use your primal instincts when choosing food to eat.  This means you get to eat a large pizza today, if you really feel like it, skip a meal if you gut tells you to, have a broccoli soup the whole week…
You’re eating what feels good for you; when/if you’re hungry and you stop when you want to!
There is no need to worry if you’re gaining or losing weight. Very few people on a diet are happy!
Your attitude towards food has to be positive in order for it to make you strong and healthy.
I believe a positive eating is a must step to a state of happiness and wellness.

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