Having found myself wearing the same piece of necklace or bracelet for a whole month, not only because I like it, but also because I couldn’t get myself to look into my jewelry box since it is busting with too many accessories, I decided to make myself a jewellery stand from a tree branch.

I have a garden so this was easy for me to find one.  Of course, you could get these at a store, but it is more fulfilling and satisfying when you do it yourself!
This was a very easy task and it took me approximately 45 min. All I needed was a branch, black acrylic paint, a medium brush and gloss. It is easily done in 3 steps:


The size depends on how many jewelry you have, and the size of your room. Pick a branch that has a lot of smaller but strong twigs. After cutting the main branch, cut out the unnecessary smaller branches and leaves. If it is very dirty, splash it with water and let it dry.

STEP1jewelry stand


Pull the paint in a smaller container, and start painting from top to bottom, since the bottom is the heaviest one.

STEP2jewelry stand


Let the paint dry a little bit. Acrylic dries fast so this shouldn’t be a problem. Apply carefully the gloss on every surface. This is to ensure that the paints stays on since it is water soluble, plus it gives the color a beautiful shine. When you’re done, let it air dry in the shade for three days, for the smell to go.

STEP3jewelry stand

I didn’t need to put my branch in a pot; if you want to, feel free to do so. I put mine in the corner of my room and since this is a jewelry stand, it is better if the corner doesn’t receive too much sun for fading.
(I couldn’t take a good picture of the stand since it is a placed in a corner, hence this flat lay option)
Hope this was helpful.

diy jewelry stand



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