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 Button nose lady

I was inspired by the ‘’London look’’ (two big front teeth with a gap). I wanted the girl to have a round button nose and plump lips (which both are Afro-ethnic) since a lot of people think only Caucasian girls possess the London look, which is not true!

Kim flower

I was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest of a Ukrainian woman with their famous traditional headpieces. The fact that she turned looking like Kim K was purely by chance 🙂 .


This was inspired from Vogue vintage images where women liked to pose gracefully with their swan-like profiles with a ”fashion” mole tastily drawn on the face. The profile poses reminded me of Egyptians, hence the ”Cleopatra” hairstyle.

Native beauty

Inspiration from a native American picture on Pinterest. The woman was beautiful but firm. I wanted to keep the straight and severe expression…



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