I do not know everybody’s life, but I know that sometimes things get messy, and we lose our shit (sorry for the curse, but sometimes it is the appropriate word)!

You plan your next sunny vacation on the pink cloud (that’s my metaphor for your sweet and beautiful world), and without a warning there comes a thunderstorm and it blows everything away.
You ask yourself then, what‘s the worst that could happen, since you think you’ve hit your rock bottom! It seems that every action that you do to fix the situation,  just makes it worse!
We can’t avoid problems sometimes, but this is how I deal with myself when I’m crawling my way back to the pink cloud from a messy deep pit!


It is like a reflex to completely neglect your appearance when things start getting messy! There is this ridiculous comfort in self-loathing when we have problems! It is a creepy vicious cycle of: I feel bad, I hate myself, I (think) love hating myself, then you realize you don’t, and you go back to feeling worse than you did before and you restart the cycle.
I’ve seen countless women (I included) going from a 10 to -10 in one week!
This has nothing to do with society standards; I’m talking about the energy you exude!
It is totally different between feeling beautiful without makeup and not caring because anyways, you feel ugly!!
So please, no matter which way you take care of your visual self, be it make up, be it that killer style, or smile, make it a priority to help you get back to the cloud!


It is no secret that everything comes from within! We may know it, but we really don’t apply it in our daily lives!
It is really hard to think of pink clouds when you are drowning, but it is possible and it is that strength that will pull you back up!
Try to avoid negative thoughts and news when you are struggling. These will only amplify your bad and fearful side and you won’t be able to make a wise decision!
Immerse yourself instead in beautiful and successful stories (watch Ellen giveaways or simply Ellen! Thank me later)!
Sometimes, you can’t escape those negative energies, because your situation doesn’t allow it.
Try then, simple meditation (or a listening prayer), where you are just still, not talking, not complaining, just listening to the voice of wisdom. You do that every day, you won’t even know how fast your worries will be melting away!


Not everybody deserves to hear your story! You may have a very giving heart and expect everyone to be like you!
Just because you first instinct is to comfort people, it is not the same for everybody.
Some undeserving people take your story and transform it into some horrific sad show for gossip thirsty minds!
You may really want to take the burden of your shoulders and tell it to the next person, but it may result for a more heavier and ongoing burden!
Before telling your story, make sure that person really deserves to hear your story.
If it happens that you have no one to tell, try to keep a diary for yourself and when you’re healed, burn it, to close the circle.


I normally am a very private person (but hey, it’s changing ;)).
I could get hit by a car, and beg the paramedics not to call anyone! I like to keep and solve my problems by myself. Sometimes it’s really not necessary, when you have people that truly love you.
Shutting down during time of crisis, can really bring you down since the only voice you hear is yourself.
That voice can be dangerous since it is not coming from a place of love but despair!
You may have shut down because of your history, but when you try opening just a little, you’ll realize there are people who are literally begging to support, heal and help you get back to your happy self!


The sweet and deadly promise of addictive substances can really be tempting when you’re feeling down! You may take them thinking they’ll get you higher, softer clouds, but it’s all a deceptive illusion!
They only provide temporary comfort and no wisdom.
You wake up to realize that yes, you got high but you didn’t get any higher powers!
You’re still stuck in a rut, worse; you’ll getting deep stuck in it! Because now, you also have an additional problem to get rid of.

I really hope this was helpful for you and I’m open to receive other great tips from you guys, so feel free to share  🙂


Christella Bijou


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