I grew up being super self-conscious. My teenage years were just the worst part of it and my confidence level was “zero de chez zero”. I thought that people who gave me compliments were just being nice or sarcastic and people who soft bullied me (you know, the nice mellow tone) were the truthful ones.
I have come a long way, learned a lot of lessons and the amount of fucks I give nowadays to anything shaming is “zero de chez zero”. Although I still struggle sometimes, I thought I would share the tips that boost my confidence.

THINK ABOUT YOUR DREAMS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS   Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not where you want to be yet. Think of all the things you’ve accomplished so far; the beautiful, the difficult, the impossible ones!!!
Don’t give up, keep dreaming and making things happen baby step by baby step…

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE and don’t let them go! If you want, rub yourself onto those people (PG version); hug them as much as you can, let their happy and positive attitude transform you. You’ll soon realize that you’ll start to view yourself into a positive light. If you have to deal with negative people, just imagine them in bubbles and their entire negative attitude just ricocheting back to themselves whenever it’s aimed at you.

MAKEUP DRESS UP  If I’m not feeling all my potential, I like to do my face, put on a cute outfit and take a few pictures (just for myself). Feeling more beautiful make you stand tall and confident.

EXERCISING Taking care of yourself and your body gives a feeling of pride in who we are and what we believe in. Increased self-care result in increased self-love.

OFFER HELP To a friend, a relative, a stranger… if you know someone who struggles with something that you’re a pro at, lend them a hand. The beauty of helping people is that it makes you feel good too and a simple thank you can boost your self-esteem.


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