10 ways you can give joy and brighten somebody’s day

They say a simple smile can change a day. There is no better feeling in the world than to know you’ve made someone’s day just by being simply nice and helpful. If this has been one of your new year’s resolutions too, here are other simple things you can do to brighten a stranger or a friend’s day.

  1. Smile when you greet people, even if there is a chance they won’t smile back.
  2. Chat that friend who’s going through a phase and seems to complain a lot. I know some days you can’t but make an effort today and reach out.
  3. Someone on social media allowed herself to be vulnerable and talk about her struggles. Don’t just like and scroll or leave emojis. Leave a meaningful comment and ways to help if you can.
  4. Leave a tip to someone who offered you a good service even if it’s their job.
  5. Give change to homeless on the streets. More if you can afford.
  6. Send out random messages of love and encouragement to your family members, friends and social media friends.
  7. Treat a friend to an ice cream/coffee chat.
  8. Help someone who you know is struggling in a task that you excel at.
  9. Compliment a stranger today, same or opposite sex.
  10. Leave random beautiful notes to the next person (library books, elevator, taxis…)






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